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Haulotte now offers a 5-year warranty on its electric slab scissors

Publicado 15/01/2024

Lectura 4 min

Haulotte is the first and only manufacturer to offer, anywhere in the world, a 5-year warranty on its electric slab scissors models from 8 to 14 meters.

Such a reliability worth a 5-year warranty!

With over 40 years' experience in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, Haulotte offers products that meet all international and highest quality standards.
All components and equipment are subjected to rigorous qualification and endurance tests, ensuring a high level of reliability immediately after their introduction on the market. These high-quality, robust and durable equipment are the cornerstone of Haulotte's commitment to its customers.
Throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, and thanks to its distribution network, Haulotte drives a continuous improvement process that puts customer feedback at the heart of its concerns. This co-construction process enables Haulotte to offer solutions tailored to customers’ needs, and that guarantee unmatched reliability over time.
The Haulotte Group has decided to step up its commitment to support its customers by extending the warranty on its electric slab scissors from 2 years to 5 years. Models covered are: Optimum 8, Compact Range: 8N, 10N, 10, 12 and 14. Today, Haulotte is the first and only manufacturer of lifting equipment to offer a worldwide 5-year warranty on its electric slab scissors.


5 years of absolute serenity

No surprises with the 5-year warranty, Haulotte ensures controlled maintenance costs, allowing customers to focus on their core business and improve their TCO.
The Group offers a 5-year parts and labor warranty, ensuring a 5-year peace of mind.
Thanks to their excellent engineering and reliability, Haulotte equipment reduces the number of interventions required over the life of the product, limits maintenance costs and helps to increase its resale value.
In addition, the warranty is transferable to future owners in the event of resale of the equipment, provided that the maintenance plan recommended by Haulotte is followed.


The warranty applies systematically to purchases of new equipment, ordered after 2024 January 1st, and is valid from the date of delivery of the machine. Information and conditions available from the Haulotte distribution network.

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Optimum, Compact
Push around
Spare Parts
Warranty Period 2 years 5 years 12 months 6 months
Cost of the Parts
Transport cost of the parts*
Cost for returning defective parts*
Cost of labour* - -

* See our warranty terms and conditions.

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